Space Ranger 421

Space Ranger 421

By Jonathan James


Space Ranger 421 is a tale of survival. Responding to a distress signal on Mars colony MR-54821, a group of space explorers uncovers a deadly government secret that could change the face of humanity, but will they be able to escape the red planet to tell the tale?  

Created by: Jonathan James

Produced by: Chad Ellis and Jonathan James

In Association with Black Castle Productions


Graham Rowat as Devlyn Drax

Jordan Stillman as Raven

Dallas Wheatley as Dr. Theo Jones

Jordan Cobb as Suicide Sarah

Giancarlo Herrera as Dr. Aaron Davis

Kyle Nishimura as Skip

Skylar Fernandes as Kit

Maus as Captain Richards

David Michmerhuizen as Hog

Josh Rubino as Dr. Strauss

Adam Surger as Patrick Drax

Emma Laslett as Corthynius

Nadine Amani as Mathias

Bridgette Clare as Riley/Klara/ Additional Voices

Zach Zeidman as President Marshall/Council Martian #1/ Additional Voices

Zack Ogle as Martian Doctor/Additional Voices

Andre Vernot as Council Martial #2

Micah Martinez as Additional Voices

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